FRC-DB is a database of events, teams, and robots that can be used as both a scouting and historical reference.


We know about 2720 teams, 0 events, and 0 event-years.

Other Info

Get started by searching for a team or viewing event list via the appropriate links on the left menu. Event and team data is linked together to allow for easy browsing data. Clicking on table headers with arrows should sort the data in the given column to help identify teams and events that stick out. Although registration is not required, it has many benefits, including:

  • Easy Editing - Post and edit information without any other authentication
  • Media Uploads - Post robot photos and match videos!

Other Odds and Ends

Do you post match videos to YouTube? Make an account and link them to our match pages - see the "Add Media" button at the bottom of every match page! (example)

To learn more about FRC-DB, click on the 'Dev Site' link to view the wiki and trackers, where you can submit bug reports and feature requests in addition to browsing technical info about the database.

Hope you enjoy this resource!
-FRC Team #1977


  • March 13th, 2012: We've just added a scheduler to auto-update event data - in the next few days we'll hopefully have data updating in near-real-time during events!
  • February 21st, 2012: FRC-DB 2.0 is ready - be sure to take it for a spin! Make sure to post questions and comments in the forums, and tell us about any issues you find in the bugtracker.